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If your faucet drips constantly, your son just crashed his toy into the wall and there is a (rather large) hole, a board has come loose on the front porch, or you really want your flat-screen mounted to the wall without all the wires hanging behind it, it's time to contact POOF DONE! Let us help you hang your artwork or new curtains. We can update your kitchen or bath with new fixtures, hardware and faucets and get your rental property looking great for its next tenant. One of our specialties is making your home baby and child-friendly.

POOF DONE is a scheduled-service resource for residential and commercial customers on the Peninsula. We specialize in small-scale projects and
services that fall beneath the scope of general contractors, but that often exceed the capabilities or time constraints of do-it-yourselvers. We charge by the hour or can give you a quote for a specific job.

If you need assistance with your to-do list and improvement projects, fill out our service request form and we will get back to you with an estimate or to schedule an on-site inspection.

Fully Insured for Handyman Services Liability Protection

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